Benefits of Fat Consuming, Oil Types, Oil Analysis ...

Oil; It is a food that is included in our daily diet, both of vegetable and animal origin. There is even a little fat in all the foods we consume.

The amount of fat to be consumed daily should not exceed 30% of the amount of food consumed. Excessive consumption of fat is particularly harmful to health. It can cause many diseases such as atherosclerosis, especially obesity.

Benefits of Oils:

- Provides absorption of fat-soluble vitamins in the body.

- It has high energy.

- It is a source of vitamin E.

- It is a source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 that are not produced in the human body.

So what are the types of oil? What are the tests and analyzes performed on oil types in the food industry?

As I mentioned, oil types are generally divided into two as vegetable origin and animal origin.

Vegetable oil types:

- Olive Oil

- Sesame oil

- Sunflower oil

- Cotton Oil

- Canola Oil

- Soy oil

- Rapeseed Oil

- Safflower Oil

- Cocoa Butter

Animal fat types:

- Butter

- Tail Oil

- Internal Oils

Oil analyzes in the food sector are generally:

First of all, fat ratios are analyzed in order to indicate on the labels of the foods. Apart from these studies, analyzes such as determining whether different oils are mixed or not are carried out in order to detect imitation and adulteration in precious oils such as olive oil.

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