Emulsifier Types, Usage, Damages ...

Emulsifiers are, by definition, substances that are added to foodstuffs such as water and oil in order to ensure the mixing of two or more phases with different densities.

What is the Working Principle of Emulsifier?

If we give an example on oil and water;

Emulsifiers, with the help of their molecules, rapidly absorb oil and water, converting them into a single substance.

What are the Emulsifier Types?

There are 6 types of emulsifiers used in the food industry.

- Lecithin (E 322): Lecithin, which is encountered in chocolate, bakery products, margarine and frying oils, is isolated from corn, soybean and sunflower seeds.

- Mono and Diglycerides (E 471): mainly used in bread production. It is used to delay staling, brittleness, softness, and provide the desired pore structure.

Saponin: Saponin, which is used in the production of products such as tahini halva and carbonated beverages, is usually obtained from sugar beet.

- Fatty Alcohols: Fatty alcohols used in different bakery products are obtained by the hydrolysis of fatty acids.

- Planta Emulsifiers: Contains the condensation of soybean oil with maleic acid anhydride. It is widely used in the food industry.

- Fatty Acids and Their Salts: The use in foodstuffs is limited to 5 mg / kg. Na, K, Ca, Al and Mg salts of free fatty acids such as stearic, oleic and palmitic are used as emulsifiers.

In Which Food Production Emulsifiers Are Used?

- Oils used in cakes and meals

- Mayonnaise, various sauces

- Ice cream, dairy products

- Bakery products

- Whipped cream, creams

- Desserts

So Are Emulsifiers Harmful to Human Health?

- May cause food allergies.

- It can cause neurological diseases.

- Excessive consumption of ready-made foods can cause obesity.

- May cause skin problems.

- May cause osteoporosis.

- In long-term consumption, arterial hardening can be seen.

- It prevents the absorption of calcium and magnesium in the body.

- May cause attention deficit in children.

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