Fermented Sausage? Heat Treated Sausage?

According to the "Turkish Food Codex Communiqué on Meat, Prepared Meat Mixtures and Meat Products";

Fermentation: The process in which microorganisms contribute to the maturation of the product by reducing the pH value by converting the carbohydrates in raw meat or added externally into other organic compounds, especially lactic acid,

Heat treated sausage: Meat product with heat treatment with a mosaic appearance by applying fermentation and drying processes under certain conditions by filling bovine and / or ovine carcass meats and fats or poultry carcass meats and fats by mincing and mixing them with flavorings and then filling them in natural or artificial cases. It is defined as. The maturation period is 48 days.

Fermented sausage; It is fermented with the traditional method, with the effect of meat and spices during processing. The average production period is 30 days.

So Is Fermented Sausage or Heat Treated Sausage? What's the Difference?

Fermented sausages are drier than heat treated sausages. Moisture and heat generated by the process in heat treated sausages cause Salmonella bacteria to remain.

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