Foods Containing Iron, Benefits and Deficiency ...

Iron mineral; It takes part in many activities in the body such as protein synthesis, enzyme production, and oxygen transport to cells. While the amount of iron to be taken daily is 10 mg for children, it should be 18 mg for adults.

Causes of iron deficiency;

- Consuming too much tea and coffee

- Pregnancy, breastfeeding

- Vegetarianism

- Daily consumption of 500 ml milk / yoghurt

Signs of iron deficiency;

- Weakness, tiredness

- Concentration disorder, forgetfulness

- Shortness of breath, palpitations

- Broken nails

- Hair loss

- Chill

- Anemia

Foods containing iron;

- Legumes

- Dark green plants

- Red meat

- Broccoli

- Nuts and seeds

- Whole wheat, brown rice

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