Melamine Analysis in Dairy Products

“Melamine”, used in the production of kitchenware, plastic, adhesives and various coatings, is a by-product of the coal industry.

Since the nitrogen content is high, imitation and adulteration is applied by adding it to products such as milk and milk powder.

The addition of melamine to products such as milk and milk powder, which first broke out in China in 2008, caused many children to get sick and 6 children to die.

The amount of protein in foods is an important quality parameter. Generally, protein analysis is carried out by determining the amount of nitrogen in the food product. Companies that want the amount of protein to be high in tests and analyzes apply imitation and adulteration with the addition of melamine.

In order to prevent this fraud and to protect the health of the consumer, "Melamine Analysis" has become an important analysis parameter.

The presence of melamine in milk and dairy products consumed by children is a big risk. For this reason, one of the analyzes that should be performed regularly is the "Melamine Analysis".

Food products must be regularly tested and analyzed for food safety in accredited laboratories.

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