The Importance of Grain and Cereal Products for Human Nutrition and Health

Turkey every year to about 11.6 million hectares of grain being sown and 37.7 million tons of production are conducted. Grains have an important place in human nutrition for thousands of years.

Cereal and cereal products are an important source of energy as they contain macro and micronutrients such as carbohydrate, protein, fibers, E and B vitamins, sodium, magnesium, zinc, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Reasons for Consumption of Cereals:

- Nutritive value

- Cheap, easy to supply

- Easy to store and transport

- Not spoiling early

- Being a source of energy

55-65% of the daily energy need is provided by cereals. most of the wheat grain is consumed in Turkey. It is especially used in the production of bakery products such as bread, dough, noodles and couscous.

Grain grain consists of 3 layers:

Dandruff, Endosperm, Germ

With the grinding technology used today, the nutritious parts of the grains are removed from the flour. For this reason, consumption of whole grain foods is now supported.

Benefits of whole grain food consumption:

- It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

- It lowers the risk of obesity.

- It lowers LDL cholesterol.

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