Unknown Facts About Polyphenols ...

Polyphenols; It has antioxidant properties and reduces oxidative stress. Polyphenols are generally found in plants and are responsible for the coloring of plants. Plants naturally have at least one phenol group.

Polyphenols are generally secondary metabolites involved in defending the body against UV radiation or pathogen attacks.

Foods containing polyphenols in general; vegetables and fruits such as green tea, parsley, onion, pomegranate, grapes, and apple. Apart from these, honey, pollen and royal jelly can be counted as polyphenol sources.

Benefits of polyphenols;

- Although polyphenols are not essential food due to their antioxidant properties, they are effective on many diseases.

- Studies have shown that polyphenols are involved in the prevention of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and osteoporosis by taking them into the body with food in the long term.

- It has the ability to scavenge free radicals produced in the human body.

- It has the ability to chelate radioactive and heavy metals.

- A study has shown that it is effective on hemostasis (preventing blood loss and stopping bleeding).

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