What is Casein? What are the benefits?

Casein, a milk protein, is a protein that is very slow to digest and absorb. The amount of casein varies according to the types of milk.

Cow's milk: 2.63%

Sheep's milk: 4.5%

Goat milk: 3.1%

Since it contains 0.8% phosphoric acid, caseine is also called phosphoprotein. In its structure (in 1 gram) 1,84 mg. galactose, 1.11 mg. glucose and 0.53 mg. mannose.

When casein is taken into the body, it coagulates by exposure to stomach acid and can be digested in 7-8 hours.

Benefits of Casein Protein

- It is the protein that provides the most muscle growth for those who do regular sports.

- It contains all essential amino acids for the human body.

- It activates the mTOR signal and provides protein secretion in the muscles.

- It is beneficial for bone health because it is rich in calcium.

- Gives a feeling of satiety for a long time due to its slow digestion. It helps to lose weight.

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