What is Glutathione? What are the benefits?

Glutathione; It is an antioxidant found in cells in the body. It consists of three types of amino acid molecules.

Glutathione's Roles in Cellular Processes:

- Plays a role in DNA production.

- It supports immune functions.

- It plays a role in breaking down free radicals.

- Helps some enzyme activities.

- Plays a role in vitamin E and vitamin regeneration.

- It prevents mercury accumulation in the brain.

- It prevents muscle damage.

The human body naturally produces glutathione. However, with age, glutathione production also decreases. Active Glutathione (GSH) can regenerate in the liver when glutathione is saturated by collecting free radicals.

Glutathione level decreases over time due to malnutrition, smoking, alcohol, drugs and environmental factors. Other reasons for its decrease:

- Acetone, solvents

- Fuel

- Heavy metals

- pesticides

- Insecticides

- Food additives

- Food dyes

- UV radiation rays

- Depression

- Chronic anxiety

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