What is Lactose? Lactose Intolerance and Its Effects ...

Lactose; It is a sugar found naturally in milk in disaccharide form. Lactose broken down by the lactase enzyme secreted in the intestines, if the lactase enzyme cannot be secreted sufficiently, a condition called "Lactose Intolerance" occurs.

Lactose intolerance is a common condition. Lactose intolerance is observed in 75% of the society. When milk and dairy products are consumed in people with lactose intolerance, it causes digestive problems.

Effects of lactose intolerance;

- Bloating

- Abdominal cramps

- Nausea and Vomiting

- Diarrhea

Foods containing lactose;

- Cow and Goat Milk

- Cheese

- Ice Cream

- Butter

Due to the lactose problem, the production and consumption of "lactose-free milk" has increased. Unlike normal milk, lactose-free milk contains a small amount of lactose and lactase enzyme. This ensures that the lactose that needs to be broken down in the intestine is broken down by the lactase enzyme in the package and is easily digested in the intestines.

Except for lactose-free milk; Due to the inability to consume dairy products, there is a deficiency in important nutrients. Therefore, foods such as lactose-free calcium-rich soy milk and almond milk can be consumed.

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